How much would you get for these Ds games?

I would like to know how much money you would get for the following Ds games if you traded them in, sold them on here or on Ebay and also where it would be best to sell them? I would also like to know how much a used in good condition black ds lite is worth.
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The games are:
Nintendogs Labrador, More Brain Training, Mario Kart, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games, Stormbreaker, Transformers Autobots, Need for Speed Most Wanted.
And also Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

Also how much would you get for the Simpsons Road Rage GBA.

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I would prefer to know the prices separately as well but anything would be very helpful.


You should get between £5-10 for most of the games, maybe a little more for Proffessor Leyton as it's very popular and was hard to get hold of.

DS's seem to range from £40-80, Ebay is your best bet for that if it's boxed as people won't pay more than £50 or so on here as you can get them for £60 in Game with a years warranty.

Hope that helps!

And try [url][/url], that will give you a rough guide for individual trade in values, you'll probably get £2-3 more on here for them than that.

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Will give you the new and used online prices

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Anyone else?
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