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Found 17th Dec 2008
OK before I start I'm aware I'm not allowed to sell any items on this site for business reasons, and I won't. However the opinions of bargain hunters such as the HUKD folk would help me alot, so here goes...

We've all seen those iPod lookalikes from China, which other than the looks have no other similarity. Anyways how much would you pay for a 4gb version, with a speaker along side a mains UK charger (which charges any USB powered device).

I understand that many of you will not even know what I'm talking about so I've uploaded a picture below.

I would appreciate any advice, and goes without saying but rep for all who help.



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got two of these lurking about somewhere, worst pieces of junk going imo

not more then £19.99 for me

I Have One 4 Gb It Carp I Cannot Use Folders As It Crashes And When It Gets More Than Half Full Its Soooo Sloooow I Hate It Its Been Chucked In The Kitchen Bits And Bobs Drawer


well i bought 4 of these over 12 months ago, they are all still going strong, bought em off fleabay £8 each including delivery from HK, and they are used practically everyday by my daughters

Nothing but please answer this how much compo will you pay to a family for electrocuting their kids ?

so, to answer the op, id expect about a fiver tops for it.


£5-£10 I reckon incl delivery.
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