How nice is it...

    just to get a thankyou - never mind the rep as well.

    Why can't everyone who asks for help at least type they word THANKYOU.

    It takes sooooo litte effort and puts a smile on someones face for the day..

    Rant over


    thanks for this post

    Original Poster

    LOL thanks for putting a smile on my face rajpop...

    this has been raised several times on you say Becksdawe a thank you costs nothing and is all that's required as appreciation for guidance/help that's offered in reponse to a request.

    Thanks for nothing

    only joking

    I prefer a 'thank you' to receiving rep, especially once you have all the blocks...rep just kinda seems pointless.

    In that case...thank you Starlet.

    i like recieving thanks as a comment accompanying some rep lol.

    rep not on offer..but thank you dunno.

    I asked for advise and said thanks i'm just too polite lol :giggle:

    Original Poster

    Blackwidow - you can never be too polite - makes up for those who cant extend common cutousy of saying thankyou.

    Yup I have said many times that I really like the comments people have given me, and that although I like rep, that is due to the comments that people leave there

    Becksdawe, on a more serious note i actually get p*ssed off if someone does not say thank you after you've done something
    an example this morning i held the door open to someone at work.... guy just walked past me and didn't even say thanks.
    next time im gonna slam the door in his face.

    and thank him for the enjoyment of watching the door slam in his face.
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