how not to waste hp printer cartridges

    I recently bought a hp officejet printer, after using for 1 month and it has become faulty, setup cartridges are only quarter used. HP has now sent a replacement printer together with a new set of setup cartridges.
    My questions are (having the least ink wastage if possible - they are expensive):
    1. Can I use the old setup cartridges to setup the new printer?
    2. If yes, once the old set emptied, would the printer accept the new set as 'replacement'?
    3. Or, should this be done the other way round, ie. new then old?
    4. What is best way to preserve the 'opened' cartridges for future without drying them up?


    Use the old carts and dont open the new ones till you need to.

    depends, did the old toner cartridges break your old printer..if so, it wouldn't be worth using them.

    your printer should always accept genuine HP toners, whether they are part used or new, as long as they are the correct toner models they will be accepted. third party toners / compatibles can sometimes be rejected by the printer. Third party toners which are cheap do not last as long, provide poorer print quality, and the toners can sometimes leak and ruin your printer and also void your printer warranty.

    you can set your printer print settings to 'draft' if you want to help maximize the number of pages you'll get from the full set of toners, also printing off text font as century Gothic can also help reduce the amount of toner used when printing pages.

    to help preserve opened/used toner cartridges i am not sure if this is really possible, i would just try keeping it in the original packaging, toners do not dry up to my knowledge but the toner inside the cartridges can solidify over time +1 years i think.

    i hope this helps.

    Original Poster

    to confirm - same apply to setup cartridge?

    Wrap in cling film to preserve old cartridge as that will be air tight. I find hp printers play up if you swap as it seems to think your using a filled cartridge when your not. Must monitor the cartridge so even with 2 new cartridges that have only been used once, if you swap it will flash up warnings. I start with a new one and keep filling myself til it dies then start with a new cartridge again. I get about 1500 sheets out of a cartridge before a fail or incompatible, cartridge not recognised warning appears. I don't fill colour only the black. Not sure it's worth the hassle filling though unless you print a lot. I get 8+ months out of the black cartridge so not sure if I will bother getting black hands again trying to fill.

    I've just bought a hp inkjet not knowing the ink prices. Shocked is all I can say. I Should've invested in a mono laser printer instead.

    Prior to the invention of ink jet cartridge, the most expensive liquid in THE WORLD was Bull sperm.
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