How often do Tesco send out/update clubcard points/vouchers?

Posted 16th Dec 2013
I'd like to use the Tesco boost offer to get some restaurant vouchers for my grandparents. I have £12.50 in points according to the iphone app, but when I try to exchange them online it claims I only have £3 worth which would be a pretty pointless double up. Will I have to wait till my next statement and miss out on the boost? Or is there any way of Tesco sending out vouchers or updating my online account on request?

Thanks in advance
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My account says,
"Current collection period 20/10/13 - 25/01/14
The final date to collect points for your February Clubcard statement is 25/01/14."

So you won't be able to get your points in vouchers until February.

I believe they are sent out 4 times a year
yeah, every 3 months they get tallied up and stored as vouchers. Personally i try to avoid the double up. Better value to save them up and use them at goldsmiths or on days out as you get 3x the value then. Gutted they dont do the 4x at goldsmiths anymore
I believe we will have a number of vouchers due to us. Can you advise when these will be sent out please
Wow, old thread.
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