How old is my house?

    I'm trying to find out when house was built for insurance purposes. I've got a lot of paper documentation, deeds and such, but what I'm I looking for. No where does it say property built on, or construction of. Is there any specific wording I should be looking for?

    Thank you


    You only require an estimate rather than exact, and can usually tell from the style of the house what decade it was built in. Any particular design features, or are you able to post a pic?

    cut a brick open and count the rings

    Try this:…al/!ut/p/b1/hc5JDoJAEAXQs3iCqh5omyVoAAM2isjQG4MRjQPowkjk9II7NWrtKnn_V4GGnAiBJnJiEshA18Vtvyuu-3NdnPpdixWjkhPCqSeZGOLEcFxGYoMhZx3IfwCX_MunkCFfLQ7yMr1fs6Ad3eJDO6cqHlEVLBsVpKjUdrZJoqVtjf2qSdawKOsup9-qQ8fCCbND32Vziig-wOttSf-A_vcnwC9jISjvXJWQd2z4rUcmHCp9Cvgx8prdYPAAoHrRUQ!!/dl4/d5/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS80SmtFL1o2XzMyODQxMTQySDgzNjcwSTVGRzMxVDUzMDgy/


    cut a brick open and count the rings

    second that. the most accurate and the easiest way of confirming it

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    I have found a 'schedule of deeds and documents', a home purchaser's insurance policy started on the 14th July 1982. Could that mean that the building was then built?


    second that. the most accurate and the easiest way of confirming it

    your both wrong, there should be a label somewhere, high up at back of property!

    If you are the owner and got a mortgage, the valuation report should show estimated age of property.

    If it's a modern property, it will have been registered at the Land Registry when it was 1st sold, but like someone else said, an estimate is fine

    If any similar houses nearby are for sale, look up the details on the estate agents website, they often include a rough guide as to when they were built

    Like it's been mentioned you only really need an estimate.

    I can probably narrow it down for you based on building reg dates.

    PM me you postcode and planning authority if you would like me to have a look.

    Try the local council, planning would have had to been given to build it so they should have a record somewhere.
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