How old until babies start to read?

    My son has just turned two and I'm trying to teach him to read. I open up wordpad and write in big letters different words and he gets them right 90% of the time. He has learnt mummy, daddy, dog, computer, cat and car. Quite impressed that he can tell the difference between cat and car. Is he super-human or does this sound normal???


    Super human if two months; Normal if two years !!!!

    That sounds ok I think. I was reading the bible when I was 3 !!!

    The bible ? nuff said...............


    The bible ? nuff said...............

    I have no idea why... and I don't read it any more

    Run Spot, I remember that one !!

    at that age, it is generally memorising rather than reading

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    at that age, it is generally memorising rather than reading

    Yeah, I realise he's not actually reading it, just remembering the shapes etc. Just thought that if he could recognise things then why not words?


    He seems pretty bright though Benji- my two love the Baby Einstein stuff.. if you're little one's a clever tot he'll like them

    It varies but if he is interested in books thats great and no harm in it.

    My son was like that, able to memorise a whole book by the pictures on the pages! I used to think he was some kind of gifted child! LOL
    However NOT,at 4-5 he knew how to put sounds of letters together to make a word able to read in a sentence.Which he reads quite well. Able to read most words, and if he cant he does phonetics.
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