How protected are you with Paypal?

    I'm looking at an item on eBay at the moment but the seller has 0% feedback, and the item listing and picture seem very generic so it does look a bit dodgy.

    If I were to successfully bid for this item but not receive it, how protected would I be with Paypal in terms of getting my money back? Is it quite an easy procedure? For the price the item is currently at I would like to bid, but it's still going to come to around £20 which I really don't want to just throw away. there anything I could ask the seller to do before I paid? Are they under any obligation to provide personal details if I ask for them?



    make sure you pay thought paypal as you will get your money back if the item is not as dicrided but you will lose the pp they only give back the item cost

    do they accept paypal?

    what is the item number?

    If you have doubts, stay clear.
    Not worth the hassle.


    paypal will go out of their way to not pay if the seller has cleared their account of funds.


    If paying by Paypal, you are covered but there is an admin fee of about £15, that is what I paid on one of my disputes. I won an aution for a camera some time ago that the seller had good feedback etc but never sent the item. It was about £80 so I was down a big chunk with only getting £65 back. Not a great deal of buyer protection if you are paying £20.

    If the seller does not fullfill their part of the deal, then you can get their contact details once you have registered a dispute.

    A dispute is a long winded process that takes a long time and seeing as the seller has 0% feedback, I would let someone else take the risk of buying that item unless it is a massive saving on buying elsewhere.

    Read the thread on ]A1Game.... then you'll see how protected you are with Paypal :-(

    A lot of people have lost a lot of money....

    I don't think anyone knows exactly how you are protected when paying via paypal. Which I think suits paypal down to the ground as no one is entirely sure what they are entitled to claim for or how.

    True statements above about if it seems too good it probably is and if they clear their funds you may have a job getting a refund.

    Saying that everyone starts off with zero feedback and they maybe inexperienced enough to use generic pictures. (I do too)

    I think for £20 they are unlikely to be scammers unless it is something they can shift hundreds of before anyone realises.

    Original Poster

    Hmm not sounding great then.

    Thanks for replying everyone

    The seller offers a local pick-up option, which makes it seem a bit more genuine. The postage is around £10 on it, so if I couldn't claim that back it would be totally pointless.

    I'm wondering...could you select the local pick-up option then arrange for a courier to get it?

    The saving would be significant enough to make it worthwhile I think,

    E-mail them and ask if you could view it (even if it is impossible for you to do so). As you say this makes it seem a bit more genuine.

    Is £10 about right for the postage? £10 for a £20 item seems high.

    Original Poster

    £10 is at least double what it should be, but then people overcharging for delivery on eBay isn't uncommon.

    The viewing thing is a good idea. I've already emailed and asked if they could be more specific about their location for the local pick-up option, I'll ask that if/when they reply.


    About as protected as the Titanic was.
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