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How quickly do chicken pox spots appear?

Posted 27th May 2013
My son has developed spots over is front and one shoulder in the last hour, he has never had pox before, how quickly can the spots spring up?

There was a letter come home from school the other week saying it was going around.

The spots disappear under a glass, and look similar to insect bites.
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our boy had them for about a week the first one to appear is the last to go , we bought a solution from tesco and u put it in the bath stops them itching so bad
Mine had them a month ago a couple of odd looking spots one night we guessed straight away it was cp the next morning peppered literally within 24 hours effects them all differently .plenty of lotion good luck
incubation period is about 2 weeks, so the kids in school were carrying the virus that long before it showed. he has obviously had the virus for a while so anyone he has been in contact with could possibly have it. calamine lotion helps ease the itching.
you can buy special cream that stops the itching from chemists
its called Vira Soothe , my daughter found it very good when her 2 had chickenpox

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So what do they look like when they start? Insect bites?
yes...raw looking. they eventually scab over and when that happens they are no longer contagious. so as long as they all have scabs and he feels ok then he is fine to go back to school.
try to stop him scraching...i know thats hard!!! they can scar if scratched to much...i know i have one on the end of my nose!!! lol
p.s. try to keep him away from adults that you know have had cp as they can get shingles which is very painfull.
Starts off with a few red spots (like flea bites)... they will have a fever. Over the next few days more and more red spots appears on the body, face, behind ears and even on their private parts. This will be very very itchy.....and soon the red spots will be filled with water-like spots. Try not to scratch as scars will be left.....hope this helps.
My 3 year old recently had them, but only a light dose, and they say they are contagious in the first 3 days of them appearing, and also the last 3 days of them disappearing. My 4 month old baby girl caught them from him as he was getting rid of them. She had them really, really bad! It was such a shame! Hers started as raised red bumps as if she had been bitten by a flea or something like. Then i bathed her, as they tend to come out more if you do this. Which hers did, they came out like wild fire! They stayed raw for a the first 3 days, thats when they usually all come out, then started to scab. Luckily as she was only 4 months old, she couldn't itch them, but she did get irritated by them. I was recommended a cream, rather than calomine lotion, as it just drys their skin out. I purchased Aqueous Calamine Cream, as it has a moisturiser in it. It worked wonders!!! I would highly recommend it, and buy some Piriton to stop the itch, unfortunately my baby couldnt have Piriton due to her age.
pox look like red spot wi water filled blister in middle when mine ad them within 48 hrs they were covered from head to toe and just as one cleared up exactly 2 wks after first havin them the other got them.they are contagious til the last spot is crusted over i used bicarbinate of soda in bath worked wonders.google image it and theyl show you a pic.
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