How ? - Quidco for a Dell Laptop - Phone & Web - Possible?

    How ? - Quidco for a Dell Laptop - Phone & Web - Possible?


    Does anyone know if it's possible to still get Quidco money if you buy a Dell laptop in one of these ways please?

    a) Buying on the Dell phone order-line without using the web.

    b) Buying online but then phone Dell to upgrade the battery.
    ...........Would the online purchase still credit with Quidco?

    Am I correct in thinking that it is impossible to claim a Quidco commission if I buy from Dell via the phone? There seems to be no way to get the extra option of battery upgrade via Dell's website but I do have an emailed quote from Dell. Might it possible to use this and / or an invoice after purchase with Quidco?

    If anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful.

    Keep smiling, Wilf.


    quidco usually states that you must entirely complete the deal online but if you have ordered it the paid for it online that should still trace back to quidco for the 5% money back especially as dell often phones customers to offer extra stuff on their orders. Check the the quidco account to see if the order is still being followed.

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    My brother in law placed a small business order with Dell on the web. He then cancelled (which he wasn't entitled to do but there was a long lead time and he told them he was going to buy something on the dell outlet - which he did) and then he got paid the quidco anyway!

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    Many thanks to Hillfly and JocksteelUK for your input. It's kind of you both to take the trouble.

    Keep smiling, Wilf.

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    I was told by a Dell phone sales manager that any amendments to an order made after 'building' a package online would mean that the item would be cancelled and rebooked, therefore would not be trackable by Quidco.
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