How random is this!!!!

    OK So I'm currently without a proper phone over the weekend as my number port backwards and forwards away from o2 is in a bit of a mess.

    So basically I was stuck with silly o2's payg bolt ons which seem to take 48hrs to work - meaning I was paying 10p a text. Owch!

    Anyway remembered I got a load of orange PAYG sims in a drawer, so quickly registered them. Rung up to register my details for my free £1 credit, and just in random chit chat mentioned I was only gonna use it for a couple of days.

    Next thing the foreign sounding op put me on hold for a few mins, came back and said because I was only on Orange for a couple of days, he would give me 50 texts for free!

    How random is that!

    I thanked him and asked why, and he said maybe it will make me change my mind about vodafone and choose an orange sim only deal instead! (and I'm so impressed I may just do that!)

    Hot Deal!!!


    5 quids worth of texts for a coupleof mins effort aint bad well done

    Score! Nice one... :thumbsup:

    Next thing the foreign sounding op put me on hold for a few mins,

    Lucky it weren't an "un-foreign" one.

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    It was quite a random comment I guess. I meant I was struggling to hear him, both due to accent and call was really quiet, so I wasn't really understanding half of it, and it added to the surrealness of the call. He was a top bloke - I'm tempted to goto orange

    about as random as that.

    why would you want to block your rim

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    Sounds bloody awful Chipstick!
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