how reliable are Amazon's / DHL returns service ?

how reliable are Amazon's / DHL returns service ?

Im busy all through the week apart from the weekend and dont really want to be staying in all day waiting for them to pick it up.


they picked something up from us last week - we have a 6 week old baby so I put in the comments to look round the back if nobody answered the door (in case my partner was feeding him when they turned up)

They picked it up from round the back and pushed the paperwork through the catflap.

They won't give you a time though so see if there is somewhere you can leave it - I'm pretty sure if it goes missing though you could be liable.

They picked up 2 items from me last week and were pretty good but they wont give you a time, items were showing on amazon's tracking system as back with them next day and i had the refund emails and actual refund within 3 days.

Cant you take the items to work or wherever your going to be and get them to collect from there?

Great in my area I get a text and an email telling me the apporx time they will be collecting. Depends on the driver though ours is great.
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