how safe is it to sell on

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Found 19th Jan 2009
im thinking of selling on but ive been put off recently with amazons new chargeback feature which allows buyers at any time within 12 months to file a no quibble chargeback.

If i sell something to someone and then they recieve it but then decide to file a chargeback on the item say around 8 months later then how would i be notified and would i have any say in the matter ?


I sold a book on it recently, was only £10 but cost me £4 to post it. Was brand new and only used a couple of times for reference. Even tho I listed it under the used section, the buyer filed a dispute saying that it had a crease down the spine of the book. I stated that it was in a used condition and although listed in the used category, Amazon found in favour of the buyer, refunded the money to the buyer regardless.

I said fine but I want my item back as the buyer now has their money back and my item, Amazon replied to me that the buyer is under no obligation to return the item so I was done up like a kipper. Or so they thought.

They tried to charge my card for the refund to the buyer but as it was a prepay debit card they couldnt as there was insufficient funds. Had it been my normal debit or credit card I would have lost out.

although this was for a small amount of money, the principle applies to any item sold on there for any value so I'd be very careful. I used to sell on it all the time, but now I've stopped selling on it for good. Amazon made an absolute fortune from me selling my items on their website. I'd never do it again. People talk negatively about PayPal but at least PayPal require the buyer to return the item to the seller.

I'd be very cautious if I were you. Good luck

ooh how can i get a prepay debit card what a good idea!

is that what paypal are advertising at the mo?


ooh how can i get a prepay debit card what a good idea!is that what … ooh how can i get a prepay debit card what a good idea!is that what paypal are advertising at the mo?

Yep, there are many to choose from but the PayPal and Virgin ones are extremely useful and costs very very little.

I got it to use for online purchases so that I could minimise any loss in the event of fraud.
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