How secure is Mobile Rainbow?

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Found 16th Feb 2006
As title. :cry:
I ordered a mobile last night via Quidco, gave my Bank and Credit card details. Today at 1800hrs I received a call from my Credit card company. Somebody had made 12 fraudulent payments on my credit card today. Over £2500 in total. My C/C company has canceled the payments and my card. Phewwww. :shock:
I have loads of Internet protection, anti-virus software etc, I have been trading on the 'net' for years without any problems. My last C/C transaction for over 10 days was with Mobile Rainbow last night.

I just wondered if anybody else has had this or any other problem with Mobile Rainbow.

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That doesn't bode well for Mobile Rainbow's security, I doubt it's the fault of your software. Did you contact them to let them know?

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Hi Rayman,
I tried to contact them at 1830 hrs but the call went to an Indian call centre. No help at all.

Good thing the CC people are on the ball and got the payments cancelled for you.

It's incredible how quickly they notice these things.

I'm glad you've not lost any money in the end!! MobileRainbow aren't fraudsters, but somehow security somewhere has been comprimised, which is quite serious...

I didn't know that they had call centres, they must be quite a large company really. The best bet would be to try emailing them and sending them your phone number or something so they can call you back.

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Could you have a look at the site and tell me if you think it's secure please.
I know msols are a big company, I just want to know HOW this happened to make sure it does not happen to anybody else.


That is scarey ....

Good thing the CC people are on the ball and got the payments cancelled … Good thing the CC people are on the ball and got the payments cancelled for you.

Totally agree, very good service ...lucky you didnt have to find out yourself when your statement came in!

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Hi Duck,
I'n not sure whether to cancel the phone that I ordered. I would if I could find another Sony Ericcson K700i for free.

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Yes it was. The poor lady on the phone just said did you authorize ##### and ###### and #####? No, no no no no no no was my only reply.
Very frightening until she said it's OK you don't have to repay any of these transactions.

Unfortunately that's the only K700i deal at the moment.

I've just been looking for an alternative number but I can't I'm afraid.

They have a secure system on their webite, it's all SSL so it should have been okay. The only flaw I can think of is when they pass your details onto the network?? Possibly a fault there...

Are you sure it was MobileRainbow? Was there any way anybody could have got hold of your details? Maybe even physically, even though I hate to think that.

Also, have you had any emails asking you to "confirm" your credit card details with your bank, PayPal, eBay or another company? These are fraudulent and if you've ever filled in one of these forms you've probably been scammed.

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I help on the Ebay's Payments and Postage board (under another name) with Paypal problems, scam emails etc so NO I did not click on any link. I know most of the scams around. At least I thought I did.
It was Mobile Rainbow NOT Mobile Reserve.

Sorry, don't know why I said MobileReserve! :lol: I meant MobileRainbow.

Okay. I believe you didn't click on a scam link. It was just a suggestion. (You can never assume somebody is 'in the know' about something until you know they are )

That's pretty much eliminated then. Hmm... MobileRainbow it must be.

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I still find it hard to believe I am the only one to have this problem with Mobile Rainbow.
That's why I think something else is going on.
How long have they been on Quidco, do you know?

Since the website started I think. Basically for ever... at least 6 months I should imagine.

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I'll phone them tomorrow and let you know the outcome, if any.
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