How strict is Nissan RCI Finance when you hand back the lease car?

Found 18th JunEdited by:"HUKD007"
Hello guys. I'm sure you guys have done it before. From HUKD, I got a lease car for two years on PCH.

I'll be going through the process of handing back my Nissan Juke to RCI Finance (Nissan) in next two weeks time.

I know they use wear and tear guideline BRVLA to charge for any damage or scratches beyond 25mm but in reality how strict are they with minor scratch or scuff mark?

Whoever had returned the car to RCI Finance before, I'd like to ask if they're gonna put car under microscope expecting showroom condition after two years?

I have repaired noticeable scuff mark on bumper and long scratch on driver door and the kerbed alloy wheel as well.
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