How supposedly innocent tasks on the web can go so so wrong

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Found 28th Mar 2010
Ok so my 4 year old girl was watching tv today and some programme had leopards on it. I ask her what animal they were and she says cheetahs, I tell her they are leopards but she aint having any of it. So I go on google and look up leopards and cheetahs and show her the difference, quickly looking at stills got boring so onto youtube we go. I bring up a cheetah video and she watches that, I show her how to watch more videos by clicking on the related videos to the right.

This keeps her entertained for a while, then while wandering past her engrossed in a video I can here the Bloodhound Gang playing through the speakers. I will let you all work out what the video was showing a montage of, thankfully with animals.

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Well, I suppose you can see that on BBC primetime with some of David Attenborough's programmes, not to mention the zoo.....made me laugh though.

Well my little girl had the pleasure of a friend telling her to type in sex on google last week for her sex education classes (she's 10 btw lol). First hit that comes up is pornhub... you can imagine what my other half saw when she walked past.

Should of done it earlier but have now installed monitoring software for future use ;-)

So thats the defence you will use when you get the knock on the door :whistling:
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