How the fudge do I filter HUKD with the new layout?

Found 26th May 2017
Perhaps I'm being thick but how do I filter results by say computer deals that are hot?

Every incarnation of the website that they create seems to get less user friendly! All I want to be able to do is quickly sort my viewing.

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It's a very annoying design decision to hide away features in extra menus as they have done now, it took me a while to find too, and it's going to annoy me for a while until I accept that it takes longer to do...

Click on "menu" at the top, click on "Computers" under the Groups label.
Once that has loaded, you can sort by "Hot / New / Discussed" at the top.

Now if only I could see more than 4 deals at a time on my FHD screen, that'd be nice, but unfortunately the new fancy frames (they do look nice) are way too big...
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