how the hell do i get xbox live!!!!????

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Found 16th May 2007
i recently did a trade with some1 and got an xbox 360 console he said that it had 4 months free trial left....the problem is i have no idea how you set xbox live up (wouldnt mind giving GOW a go on it) dunno if this is relevant but i have a laptop that currently works with a wireless modem (have the ethernet cable tho) that i got from i need to buy anything to get up and running with it?:? :?

if not what could i do with the 4 months free trial i have left over?



as far as im concerned mate, the biggest free trial is 1 month, which is what you get on the hard drive, if you dont wanna use his login go to settings and reformat the hard drive, then load the 360 on there you should see if i can remember, join xbox live, then follow the instructions. You will automatically get one month free!

Umm kinda confused but i can help a bit. Well to connect the 360 to live (Wirelessly) You need to have a special component for the 360, im sure you can request for a good deal on the site. Otherwise just connect an RJ45 cable from your modem to the 360 and it should pretty much work.

If you want to connect wirelessly you'll need an Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter:…361

For a wired connection run the ethernet cable from your console to your router/modem.

Or alternatively if you have a laptop:…tml
Nice little step by step guide. Handy if your router is far away and you don't want to shell out £50 for an adapter.

just hope you havent deleted his profile!

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right well ive tried to set it up using my ethernet cable into my laptop and into the xbox...but im having difficulties firstly it wont accept my IP address(is this because the guy who owned it before me ip will still be in it??)so ive changed that but then its askin for my gateway number or something but i cant find that on my computer anywhere!surely theres an easier way around this??:? :?

this is quite hard to do, you need to build a wireless bridge.
[url][/url] will help you.

you want to connect the ethernet cable directly to the router (or modem), not your laptop..


you want to connect the ethernet cable directly to the router (or modem), … you want to connect the ethernet cable directly to the router (or modem), not your laptop..

This is what I did. The xbox should detect the relevant settings. Once you have the connection working then you could try setting it up wirelessly. You could try this via the laptop but you may be better using/buying a wireless network adaptor.

If you haven't used xbox live before I would give the wired connection a go first. If you enjoy it then you could think about renewing your live subscription and fiddling about with a wireless connection.
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