How the internet started

40 years of internet ...... nest post


Internet IMO one of the best inventions ever, just completely changed the world n couldnt imagine life without tbh :thumbsup::)

bit like stem cell science...nobody seems to agree with it now but its the future of medical change and one day we will look back and say i wonder how it all started......And i wonder if we all used to have 3 arms....LOL

But the invention of the world wide web probably had the biggest "single" impact although the explosion of the internet in the 90s was probably down to a number of things and not just html (such as better modems, cheaper pcs, domestic internet access). Anyone who used the internet in the early 90s will tell you stories of telnet, archie, veronica, gopher, trumpet winsock and having to learn unix commands - frankly it was a nightmare (or netmare). Thank god for Mosaic.........
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