Found 8th May 2007
I want to clean my laptop, i mean proper clean it. Get rid of everything except obviously the internet and my photos etc. Any free ways i can do this...

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ive uninstalled programs i dont want on add/remove programs. How do i defrag it

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doing now thank you

When you remove stuff you sometimes get files left on the registry that you don' want. Highly recommend ]http//ww…om/ which gets rid of all sorts of rubbish. I found out about this from another thread on this site which listed free useful software - think it was this one ]http//ww…are:thumbsup:

Just to add...

ccleaner gets rid of all your cookies, temorary file histories and empties your recycle bin for you (amongst other things). And a good job it does too!

I highly recommend it and use mine daily (well several times a day - lol), so I would definatley recommend it. Plus its free - always helps :-D

I was going to suggest soap and water but the other recommendations seem better....yes CCleaner works for me.
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