Posted 1st Oct 2022 (Posted 22 h, 30 m ago)
I've seen people asking for Argos discount codes on here, £10, £20 off various spend values.

I'm looking at buying a tv at £200, where do people get these discount codes from?

Thanks in advance for any info
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    Sign up to argos marketing they're sent via email.
    Thanks, seems I was opted out by default as I've never been into that part of my account on their website!
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    I was always wondered about this as well.

    Not always actually, but definitely occasionally. I never get sent any. I’ll check my account settings as well. (edited)
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    There is a bunch of gift cards available on Cardyard which will save you 8%. So a £16 saving off a £200 spend
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    Sign up to completesavings and buy £100 worth of vouchers for £80 as they offer a 20% discount. If you're in no rush for the TV do it end of the Month and buy £100 worth one month than another £100 start of the second month
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    Do you know anyone who works at Sainsbury, they get 10 or 15% discount