How to activate Vodafone Sim

Found 13th Feb 2010
OK i know i seem dumb here but i have no idea what to do. I got my new contract from dialaphone recently and nowhere in the pack was there information on how to get started with my simcard.

I have already ordered my t-mobile sim to port the number to there and then port back to Vodafone but i have no idea how to get started.

Anyone have an idea, i contacted Vodafone with no reply, tried calling dialaphone but its hard to get through to customer services and have tried calling vodafone customer services from the sim but that doesn't work either, this is driving me mad.

Had it for 4 days now and no idea how to get started, if its not sorted by monday will cancel before the 7 days are up
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Most new sims are sent out with transit block on them (in case they should 'go walk about' before getting to you).

You need to call Voda (there should be a number on the sim pack somewhere, but you'll need another phone to call on), go through the security check and then they'll take the block off and you'll be set..
oh ok, thanks for that will give em a call today
I got a replacements sim from vodafone recently. paperwork had number to call to activate.
Dont have the paperwork on my at the mo, but ring vodafone and they will take the sim number and activate.

Activation takes approx 30 mins.
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