How to add links to deals?Amazon?

Found 1st Feb
I want to add a deal I have found on amazon and have gone to the deal on safari to get the link and have seen you just press share and copy the link, however when I click the link it is taking me as signed in and saying purchased ect. Will that show up for everybody else from that link or is it just because it's on mine?i obviously don't want to give access to everybody else on my amazon. Thanks
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Hi @Emma914 If you just copy and paste the link to the item and submit the deal then we will ensure it's all ok when posted and a general link and not to a basket/your account
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Thankyou will do it now was just worried I was doing something wrong as from my phone it's not clear when getting links like it is on desktop
Well @Emma914 Didn't that go well I'm glad you asked, i await my sugary goodness
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I so hope amazon deliver! I've had so many bargains since joining this site a few months ago (probably didn't even need half of it)that when I saw them this morning I had to post it! Thankyou!
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