How to add my business Facebook page to my messenger account?

Found 1st Aug 2017
I've got a business page set up on Facebook, but I can't work out how to get my phone to tell me when I receive a new message on it. I only see them when I log onto Facebook and it shows a notification. Can anyone help? I use Facebook mobile page if that makes any odds.
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Have you downloaded the separate Messenger app and logged in with your business account?
I've downloaded the app, but I have no separate log on for the business account. It's just a 'page' I had to create.
You can't add/use a Facebook page to FB messenger. You use the facebook page manager app. This has a messenger and notification service built it. It isn't as good as the messenger app but that's the only way. You could also try Hootsuite as that can be linkes to your Facebook page.

I've been waiting along time for Facebook to allow you to use messenger with your Facebook page ..... I'm still waiting in hope.
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