how to avoid spam with fake emails

    hey guys n girl, been reading some posts around the site about ppl using fake email addresses to avoid spam. it's all very well, but it just means someone else will prob b getting your spam and it's obv no use when you need to recieve an email from the site you're signing up to, i.e. when you're a sent a password or an activation confirmation link etc.

    the best thing to do is type and you can go pick up your emails any time that day - they get held temporarily.

    i personally prefered from the the guys behind piratebay (i like their ethics) but it sadly appears to be down at mo!

    i'm sure lots of people use things like this but thought it might help someone!


    If you frequent this site often enough you will notice that it's impossible to void spam emails here.
    I'm certain some on this site are owners of European spam servers.

    it is so difficult to create another account, for example on yahoo? ))

    I buy a .info domain at godaddy for roughly 80p a year this comes with forwarding so i set up a catch all account and have it forwarded to a yahoo address, then for each site I use I use their name as a prefix for eample I may have the domain so for sites id use argos(at)verdy(dot)info for argos amazon(at) etc and only use them on the respective sites this allows me to see what sites use your email for spam, I can then set a filter up for any that spam so they go straight in the trash folder! It keeps me in full control, and gives me unlimited email addresses I can use on a whim. I use a seemingly random sequence of letters for the yahoo address and this stops the bots that randomly guess email addresses, I say seemingly but the letters actually have a meaning to me for example it may be mysltwl = my youngest son likes to watch lazytown so use the first letters of each word, so makes it easier for me to remember. It works for me and is effective, easy to setup and keeps me in control.
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