How to beat the Onestopphoneshop Fraud

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Found 17th Apr 2008
Thought I'd share this with anyone who might be thinking of giong through the same thing
Just received a cheque today from onestopphoneshop for £350 for cashback they refused to give me.
I claimed for my cash back correctly as i like to think I'm a fairly intelligent person but they refused to pay up (they wouldn't give me a reason to why they wouldn't pay). So i had to go through the small claims court (all on-line now). OSPS actually paid their solicitors to put a defence in (still wouldn't give a reason why they wouldn't pay just said they didn't owe me anything). So it was all set to go to court when they sent me a cheque for £109.
However, they refused to pay the rest of cash back claim so i had to go to court again to get the remaining £350. This time they didn't even bother responding to the court so i automatically got a judgement in my favour allowing me to ask court bailiffs to recover the money, but they paid up after i sent them a letter threatening them with bailiffs.
So I've ended with all my cashback for 12 months (only 10 months into it), plus £50 costs.
So anyone going through the same crap with OSPS its easier and feels a damn lot better just to take it through the courts. All in all its taken about 2 months from start to finish. If anyone needs help going through the process just let me know.


Thats good you got your money back. I've been fortunate with my contracts and always got my money, even when I was late in sending in (thanks e2save - part of carphone warehouse I think) plus with Dialaphone, they gave me all my money ( £35 x 12 months) and I entered a competition giving them a testamony and won £100 as well:-D

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Good thread ][COLOR=#123889]hussainbs[/COLOR] What's this on line small … Good thread ][COLOR=#123889]hussainbs[/COLOR] What's this on line small claims?…jsp

Its the governments official site and you can start a claim on-line. It costs a minimum of £25 to start (see link below for full list of fees) but this gets added to what the other party owes you. Once started the defendant has 14 days to respond, if not you ask the court to make a judgement (which should be in your favour if they haven't responded). Then you can get the court appointed bailiffs to act on your behalf to claim the money or seize property for auction (again there is a fee for this - i think the bailiffs try to get their fee from the other defendant but they don't guarantee they can do that) but you should write to the defendant and tell them first you can ask bailiffs to recover the amount and try to recover the money before having to pay bailiff fees.
If within the other party responds within 14 days they can either say yes they owe the money and agree to pay or put in a defence and so no they don't owe the money (all or some of it). If they put in a defence then it gets transferred to the defendants nearest court (not yours) to be dealt with. You will be sent a questionnaire to fill in and then you have to pay court fees (…pdf). Its a bit complicated to work out but its free if you a re on low income (below £11,000) or benefits. Next wait for a court date.

Thats about as far as i got, so if anyone has dealt with the court hearing it would be nice to know
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