How to best set up Windows 10 for safe kids access

Found 25th Dec 2017
Hi all,
Being the awesome uncle that I am, I gave my neices and nephew a new (but old) desktop PC running Win 10 for Christmas.

Now I should really know this but I don't! What is the optimum way to configure the PC for them to safely use it I.e.
1) Safe internet browsing
2) limit time usage
3) Avoid viruses/malware
4) Other stuff???

N.b. I currently have Kaspersky Total Security installed which is hopefully doing 1 and 3? OK maybe not the best antivirus?

But my main question is setting up Windows accounts. Should I be using local accounts or outlook accounts?
What are advantages of one over the other?
When I installed Win 10 I set it up using a local account and I think there is only the admin account, I guess I need to add guest local accounts for the kids?

I also noticed you can add 'family members' but I think they need outlook accounts? Or. Can it be done with local accounts? Again which is better? Should I be using this method?


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A few websites to get you started providing step by step guides to help resolve most of the issues you discuss.…10/


Concerning Anti-Virus / Firewall my preference is Kaspersky Internet Security as it's reasonably user friendly, but more importantly has the option to automatically update, scan malicious software, and prevent most intrusive malware from accessing the computer in the background. So before presenting the computer it can be tailored to the requirements and privacy you require.
I'd personally wipe the drive before giving your old PC to anyone.
I installed Windows 10 without any account details, so I wouldn't bother with that.
I would also block as much as you can in the Settings - Privacy section,
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