How To Best Use & Find Discount/Voucher Codes?

Posted 9th Jan 2023 (Posted 17 h, 59 m ago)
Hi All,

I must be doing something very wrong as I have never been able to successfully get codes when googling. I google for codes & tons of results show fr voucher websites & on all of them the codes are either not working or no codes available etc.

Worse still, once I go to any particular website for codes, it automatically opens up to the website I was searching codes for & then I find I cannot get out of the voucher code website - it locks the back button so I cannot get back to the Google results & have to annoyingly close the tab & then open a new one & search for codes all over again - this happens with every single voucher/code website I may try. Most of these Voucher/Code websites end up being a total waste of time in my experience then.

I use a Macbook & mu usual browser is Safari but the same thing happens on Firefox. I would love to know you all the folks are able to successfully find valid codes as I seem to fail every-time!

Many Thanks!
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    Hi @Bazzy have you tried the student discount code thread on here where you can ask if anyone has a spare code for the website your looking at.
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    If I’m searching for codes I open a browser different to the one I actually buy the item on so the top cash back cookies are not confused. Eg EDGE & CHROME

    I usually look on MSE , here, voucher cloud , o2 priority and then decide which card to use by looking at airtime rewards, Amex, etc. Buying from a shop used to be so much easier.
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    Regarding your issue about the no back button, upon clicking the link to view code, it opens up the same page to a new tab and that's the page you see and so no option to go back. The old page where the back button takes you back to Google search results has been redirected to the retailers website, go back twice on that and that should get you back to the results. (edited)
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