How to build up your Tesco points

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Found 10th Apr 2010
Just a general advice and help to build your points with Tesco thread.

While worth 1p in store, Clubcard points values are quadrupled when converted to Tesco Clubcard Rewards Vouchers, which include days out, magazine subscriptions, holidays etc; eg, Alton Towers ticket for £7 of points, or a year's Cosmo subscription for £9.

This means if promotional bonus points given are more than a quarter of the goods cost in pence, you're in profit, providing youd have used the reward anyway.

Sometimes this makes it worth buying goods you don't want!

Even if you're not in profit, if there are substantial bonus points on goods you'd buy anyway, it's equivalent to a substantial discount.

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I knew all that, but well done ... others may not .... :thumbsup:

If anyone that shops instore and collects the points to then redeem instore only, you should look to the "reward scheme" where you will benefit "four-fold" :thumbsup:

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Quidco also on Tesco :thumbsup:

Also, breathing air and consuming food and drink keep you alive.


Spammed as dupe of various different threads posted every other week

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Repped you for all your interesting information :thumbsup:


Repped you for all your interesting information :thumbsup:

No worries.... anyone else got any good links for codes etc ?
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