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    hi wondering if anyone can help me i have purchased (yes paid for) some tunes to download. i have them sitting in my playlist in when i try to burn the disc it says writting ...... (the tunes i have saved) but then it stops and says unable to burn disk an unknown error has occured and then spits my disk out. we are using maxell cd-r, am i doing anything wrong or do i have a messed up computer. thanks in advance for you help


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    ok not the most technical person in the worl how would i know what setting i have it on, when i was transferring the songs into itunes it came up as mp3 is that it

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    i have tried it on mp3 and data disc i managed to work out how to see what bit i was in i.e mp3 or audio but neither are still working

    It might not be your first choice, but you could burn the music via nero (some free trials online). If it is a playlist, you can save the playlist and then burn it via nero.
    Ahead Nero - google it, it's super for burning all types of data.

    just update your CD/DVD drive drivers through the website. Sounds like to me that you may compatibility issues... trust me!!
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