How to buy cheap tobacco?

Posted 20th Nov
Anyway to buy cheap tobacco? Amber leaf preferably
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Day return on the ferry to France?
Facebook marketplace often has it but wouldnt say what it actually is - do call it tobacco!!
What about chartering a sail boat and sail the high seas on a quest to discover new countries for the Monarch?
When you get there, swap the tobacco some old tat you brought with you.
On your return to Blighty, you'll probably get a knighthood.

Well, that's how I'd do it
I’d be wary of buying any tobacco unless you know it’s legitimate. Counterfeit tobacco is big business and probably the only thing you can do that’s worse than smoking actually tobacco!
Cheap flight or ferry trip to an EU country with cheap tobacco.
Your local "friendly corner shop" - no doubt they always have some "under the counter" specials - mind you manufactured in Ukraine so could give you lead, uranium and toxic poisoning!
Day trip to Jersey duty free applies.
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