How to buy DVD's with Tesco Clubcard Deals?

    Hey, I remember seeing a deal a while back for the Alvin and The Chipmunks DVD, which could be paid via Clubcard Deal Points.
    I've just about figured out Clubcard Deals, but is it specific DVDs/rare occasions when Deal Points can be used?



    I think its just the vouchers tesco send you, not the converted deal tokens

    The only way I can think of to buy DVDs is to use the Clubcard Vouchers.

    You collect the points, which are then turned into vouchers (100 points = £1) and these can be spent instore as if they were cash (so you could buy a DVD instore that way).

    The vouchers can be changed into Deals Tokens, which are worth 4 times the value of the vouchers, but so far as I know there's no way of buying DVDs with these.

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    Aah, okay, thanks to both of you
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