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Posted 27th Jan 2018
Seeing as Mexico seems to have many of the best switch deals I did a bit of
playing around last night and managed to get it working for me. I don't think this has been submitted before but apologies if it has.

1. Setup a second Nintendo user/account for your switch using a spare email account
2. Setup a new PayPal account using that email with location of Mexico and use the embassy as your address/phone number.
3.I was able to use two methods to add funds, my AIB debit card or
sending money from my Irish PayPal account. There was only a few cent
difference and compared to eshop-prices.com there was about 5%
surcharge ie. Celeste cost €16.18 as opposed to €15.40.
4.If you want to use another region that won't work with revolut simply
change the Nintendo account to that location and create a new PayPal
account for that region.

Gorogoa is about £6 using this method
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