How to cancel my tmobile contract?

Found 29th Jul 2009
is there any loopholes or change to TOS tmobile have done recently that will help me cancel my contract?

the customer services is starting to get on my nerves now but am only 6 months into a 18month contract plus ive broke my contract phone which turns out they didnt carry my insurance over like they said they would!

so all in all im only on a semi decent contract with a crap phone! so anyone know any ways or am i stuck for the time being?
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Does it mention in your contract about included insurance? if so thats a get out perhaps?
no it doesnt just when i resigned in jan he said my insurance will carry on but it didnt
Well all i can suggest you do is have a good read of your contract and see if anything atall... even the most minor thing has changed in any way, because the chances are they wouldn't have informed you about it.

Good luck
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