Posted 2 May 2020

How to cancel o2 refresh airtime plan

Hey, does anyone have the easiest steps on hand to cancel an o2 refresh airtime plan? As I’m about to order one and pay for the total phone, however I don’t have a spare sim on hand for that method I’ve seen written before so if there’s another that would be useful also, thank you
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    I've had 2 Refresh plans. Once you receive the phone, call them up and explain that you would like to cancel the airtime plan and pay the full device cost.

    It should be easy, they may charge you a few pounds for a few days usage but you can get that refunded if you're persistent.
  2. spaceman's avatar
    I ordered a new pay g sim and used a stac code.

    Cost me a couple of days, but didn't have to talk to anyone.
  3. Terminator471's avatar
    Which phone did you buy if you don't mind me asking
  4. dcx_badass's avatar
    Don't call them, I did and it was a pain, some of them didn't want to, some saying you have to pay.

    A friend called and paid the handset balance then just cancelled by text getting the pac and porting to a three payg and it was so much easier, you just get a text confirming its done.
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