How to cancel o2 simplicity contract?

    Is there anyway i can do this online or do i have to fone them up?


    most likely phone or visit a local store...but u have to give 1 months notice...


    Just ring em.

    Exactly what I did with my 2 Simplicity contracts last Friday.

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    What number do i ring?:oops:


    Just go through the normal number... 202 I think from your mobile.

    got a gun anywhere?

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    Ok, rang them. Got a SE C702, 200 mins and 1400 texts for £10 a month lol. Need to return my 3 fone now lol.

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    18 months.

    I rang up not expecting anything.

    But they asked why i was quitting and I said it was because i had a better deal for 3.

    They asked what their deal was and i said 500 mix n match and k660i, and 200mins/1400 texts and c702 was what they offered.

    I probably could have haggled for more minutes but I was happy with what i was given lol.

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    One more question lol. Is it possible to transfer contracts? My mate wants the 3 one ive got as he is still on payg.

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    If you want to end the contract without the 30 days notice simply ask for a PAC and port it to another network - they will stop billing you the day the number moves to another network.

    Done this a couple of times when I moved from Voda to o2 and then swopped a simplicity account.
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