how to change screen on acer aspire one zg5, my old is cracked :(

    Hi All,

    Found out a couple of days ago my screen is cracked, managed to find a new screen for it off ebay and thought need to find a video off youtube to show me how to change it but having some difficulty of finding one,

    Any Help would be appreciated

    Screen is 8.9"


    have u googled dismantling your model? screen change is usually straight forward and its easier still if you bought a replacement screen with the surrounds etc all in place

    Original Poster

    googled acer aspire one but dont get my model....

    checked the redflagdeals and thats how to upgrade ram not screen

    It tells u how to remove the keyboard which ur gonna need to do to access the plug connecting the screen. after that itll be piece of **** cuz the screws connecting the screen to the lower part of the netbook will be external and hidden under a couple plastic covers u can pop off i imagine.

    EDIT: if ur not familiar with dismantling i wouldnt bother cuz u could end up worse than it is now. Hire or ask someone that knows what theyre doing.
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