How to change the on line user name on PS3 games....any ideas please

Does anyone know how to change the name everyone sees when you are online. My son has a nick name that everyone else sees not sure what you call it and he wants to change it.
Not sure how to do it and worried a bit as his account is the master account so dont want to fiddle too much.
Can this be done. It seems so simple but after searching forums it suggests i would have to set up a new user account and then delete his old one which would scare the pants off me as it is the master account. So far i have told him he has to stick with the old name but want to try to help him.


dont think you can change the name - you have to create a new account if you you want a different name. just create a new log on, then ps3 id and make it a master account aswell, then delete the old one. He will loose all his old offline progress though so he should copy it onto a memory stick and then copy it back on. He would loose his online progress forever.

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Thanks i will let him know.
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