How to check an online stores reputation?

Found 4th Dec 2017
Lately, Chinese online shops like Gearbest have become really popular on here. But, how can you check whether such places are reliable? Feedback is all over the place and is hard to trust.
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I'd go with Trustpilot but remember that wherever you shop, there is always going to be someone who has had a bad experience.
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You can’t really trust trustpilot just look at the John Lewis feedback. Often the best place is going through threads on here see what people say but of course that’s more difficult now that the site advertises some of these places but just don’t read to much into what mods post and you should be ok.
It is difficult to tell with sites like trustpilot. A bad experience and you will go out your way to make your voice heard, not so much if your experience was run of the mill fine.
I would have said trust pilot but then when I placed a negative review of gearbest they tried to get me to change it and when I refused, they wrote to trust pilot to complain. At which point trust pilot removed my review. It was only after I told them that they weren't independent and that my complaint was upheld by PayPal, did they reinstate it, plus I said I would take it to the press.
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