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How to check if a Postal Order has been cashed?

Posted 14th Feb 2013
I bought and sent off 2 postal orders from the Post Office for visa type applications (would not accept a cheque) but as I have not heard anything for almost 3 weeks need to find out if they have been cashed.

Anybody know how to check on this?
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ask the bank?
Dont think you can
Phone the Royal Mail at 08457-223-344. Give the identification number on your receipt and ask the Royal Mail to trace the postal order and find out if it has reached its correct destination and been cashed or Visit your local post office if you believe the postal order has been lost. Pick up a P-58 lost mail form -- not available online -- and send it with the original receipt to the Royal Mail so the organisation can investigate its whereabouts.
Thanks for the responses. Just had this email back from the Post Office:

To see if your Postal Order has been cashed you will need to write to:
Postal Order Correspondence Section
Post Office Ltd
1 Future Walk
S49 1PF
You will need to enclose the receipt (please keep a copy) to include the reference number from the postal order, your name and address and a covering letter explaining the problem. Unfortunately, there is no other way to check to see if the Order has been cashed as a trace needs to be placed upon it and there is no facility to trace Postal Orders on-line.

Hope it will help someone in the future too.

Applying for visa? I read somewhere processing can take up to 7-8 weeks

Applying for visa? I read somewhere processing can take up to 7-8 weeks

It's actually a PIO card that I am applying for from the Indian High Commission .... unfortunately they do not pick up the telephone and any response to emails is extremely brief and does not answer the questions asked. Just wanted to know if they have cashed the postal order and started the process. The website says the process should take about 4 weeks. Trouble is they have substantial amounts of my original documentation too. It really is worrying and I have heard nothing at all in 3 weeks.
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Fiswood, would love to know what happened in the end? When did you get your Passport & PIO back? How many weeks after it was submitted? I am in exactly the same position at this point. Submitted the application by post 3 weeks ago and I have travel planned in 3 weeks from now.

i had submitted my pio on the 29th august when they had recieved it by post and i havent heard anything im going to vegas on 6th october and they still have my passport! no answer no call can anyone help? i dont think ill have time to find out if my postal order has been cashed either:( no one responds to email ive sent like 10
its been just over 4 weeks - i feel like i have no hope!
@esh To check if your postal order has been cashed, call the Post office Helpline: 0845 611 2970. They will ask for your voucher ID which should be on the receipt they gave you when you took out the PO. They can tell you if the PO has been cashed and when.

I know someone that went to HCI London on 27th September to apply for PIO in person. He was given a date of 29th October to come pick up his passport/PIO. That indicates to me that their current turnaround time is about 4-5 weeks.

Given you've submitted your application just 4 days ahead of me I'd appreciate if you could post back here with how you get on (when you get your passport back) so I know mine shouldn't be too far behind.

Fingers crossed we should be ok.
I have a postal order to check in.but I lost the receipt,what I have to do ???
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