How to check the colour on your screen is correct.

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Found 26th Apr 2009
After buying a few things recently i have noticed the colours on my screen dont seem to be very accurate. is there a program or something i can do to get my screen to be as accurate as it can be.

This may sound daft but i have bought a few things recently and been a bit disappointed as there not the colour i was expecting.

Thanks in advance


may not be your screen - could be the way photo was taken - especially if on ebay

also could be enhanced to look better - think flower plant catalogues!!

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Thanks think i may have to sort the contrast out a bit.

Also think sometimes it may be the other users camera or photo program like you say. when i take photos they dont always come out quite like i think they should.

Thanks for the advice guys really appreciate it.


you will need to buy a colouromiter (spelling) and you put the sensor against your monitor and it will tell you if it is correct.

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sorted my settings out i was on 16bit medium not 32 bit highest so hopefully solve the problem. that weblink definitely looked better so thanks.

Good excuse to buy something now.


Colour is a bit of an issue. Monitors, cameras, printers all generally come with skewed colours, it is possible to set them up accurately but you need a calibration device like bykergrove mentioned. And then none of them can display all the colours you can see, that's what all this wide gamut/###% of NTSC stuff is on some monitors.

If you just want a quick by eye adjustment then you could try the]LCD test, it's mostly for showing up the defects in LCDs but it does offer some advice on calibration to get the best out of your screen.
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