How to check toner level in a laser printer?

Found 30th Apr 2010
I've just got my new laser printer (from the viking direct deal!) and wanted to know how to check the level of my toner? thanks
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the software driver, probably has two options when you install, driver only and full option,

the full option has software to show you toner levels, look through the samsung directory or look at the cd to see if you did a full install
Some printers don't let you know the level of toner, my Brother laser printers don't. I have found that they refuse to print instead. If that happens to you, take out the cartridge and shake it from side to side a few times and you'll get dozens of more prints. Also you can refill most cartridges three or four times. Cartridge World will do it for you.
I think it depends on the printer and who the manufacturer is but generally it's displayed on the PC. We use samsung toners and the information is always displayed on the printer or pc. I think some show ink levels on the actual carts so you can open the machine and check manually.
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