How to claim cashback in this case

    I've got my new contract from Carphonewarehouse. I need to send my 4th and 8th month bill to get cashback, but here is the situation:

    The order was made on 10/02 and the line connected on 11/02.

    on 24/02 I got my first bill which was for the period 11/02 to 19/02 (plus for the line rental for 20/02-20/03)

    Is this my first month bill or is it like zeroth month since it's only for 1 week (11/02-19/2). And why don't I just get a normal bill 1 month after the line connection, but one bill after a week and then every month. And when will the contract end exactly, 12 months from 11/02 or 12 months from 19/02?

    I'd be really grateful if someone could clarify this to me - especially the one with cashback. Karma's waiting! Thanks!


    as of all phone contracts, you are paying the rental up front. ie bill one is at month zero, etc. so a 12mth full contract, you will get 13 bills.

    the time taken for the 1st bill to issue varies from network, like O2 and 3 issue it the next day after your contract starts (but also the process of getting to you by the post), also this date becomes your monthly cut-off date of the inclusive minutes.

    so the 4th bill will be the one arrive soon after you have been connected for 3mths.

    in the ancient days, your 1st bill won't arrive at least a month of connection, often they took much longer. i guess the technology is able to do it more efficiently now, and help the network getting their money quicker.

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    hey, that makes sense. thanks


    also if your last stage/part/whatever redemption is on mth8, you could then after receiving that redemption, to change to a cheaper tariff. that way, you can reduce your term cost and might able to make profit.

    most networks allow you to change the tariff after 6mth.

    If you change your tariff before claiming your last redemption cheque you will be termed to have breached the agreement and they will not fork out.
    However, for my 4th month "cheque-back" I sent in the wrong bill and was still sent my cheque, so I can't testify as to how closely they examine the paperwork.

    I signed up for a clearance offer from 3 - my contract works out at £3 per month for 12 months - the only problem? I'm using the nokia 7600.
    Without doubt this phone was sent from hell to damn anyone with any interest in sending SMS.

    (I have 106 days and 3 hours left until I send this horrific device to Silicon Heaven)

    I love my Nokia 7600. I uploaded my pictures from it to the computer for the first time the other day and realised that they were better quality than my £100 digital camera!! I think it's because it takes the picture faster so you don't get the blur.

    I bought a lovely digi camera for about £300, the quality of prepared pictures is breathtaking. For action pictures it is absolutely pants. After you press the button the lens is focussed f or the shot before the picture is taken (~1/2 second delay):(

    Have you messed with the settings on the camera? maybe the picture quality is set on low to maximise the number of pictures on your memory card.
    That tends to be the default setting so the box can advertise an astounding number of pictures per card

    The little cameras on the phones are perfect for catching friends in compromising positions. All done in the best possible taste!


    I've set all of the settings to high / fine quality. I think it's just a combination of not having a steady hand and the delay to take a picture.
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