how to clean a fish tank???

Found 20th Mar 2008
ok, so i have picked up a nice little hexagonal fish tank but it had sat apprantly for near on 3 moths with the same water half empty so its got a nasty line around it..... how would i go about get this mark of the glass??? also the plastic lid has got what looks kida like rust (i defo isnt but thats the colour) and ideas on how to get rida that??? tried all sorts on both with no avail
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we use a scouring pad when the magnetic scrubber doesnt get it off, just make sure you dont use any chemical cleaners
1/2 bottle of domestics
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I'd try one of those scrubby green things with cream cleaner, making sure you rinse it off well before putting fish in there obviously!

You could try the same on the lid.

1/2 bottle of domestics

What is this domestics ?
I'm thinking he meant domestos :?
If it was in a hard water area, it could be limescale so use viakal or similar. I use a cleaning cloth (and gloves to protect your hands) and gentle rub over marks. leave for a few mins and wash off. Repeat as necessary. As for the lid, it could be bacteria or mould growth. try a strong hot bleach solution and leave to soak - bear in mind it may discolour.
cillet bang and they rust is gone..........................................just dont spray it on the fish
If you use any kind of domestic cleaner, your fish will die.
Use a clean cloth, water and elbow grease.
check on the internet or buy a book
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just used cilit bang (thats where i got the glass [see other thread] and that got rida it
bang, and the dirt was gone?
I don't think its a good idea to use any cleaning products,thats my advice on it,don't know how to get any of the limescale off,I don't keep fish.
Warm water and a bottle of vinegar works a treat

Warm water and a bottle of vinegar works a treat

Then fry the fish with some chips and you have a tasty supper and a clean fish tank! :whistling: :-D
^^ lol id scrap all that and buy a new tank problem sorted ahhhhhhh

Warm water and a bottle of vinegar works a treat

MMMM a few chips and the meal is complete
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