How to clean a plasma- Panasonic PX80

    As above, I got a few tiny droplets of Mr Sheen on the plasma screen when polishing the bezel and the top of the stand it's sat on, I rinsed the Mr Sheen cloth well, and squeezed it until it was just damp, then wiped the area on the screen, however after wiping it dry the area looks almost blue when I look at it from different angles, and I'm a bit worried that I've damaged the area of the screen, although watching Setanta now you can't notice the area of the screen which I wiped, so can anybody give me some advice on what's best to clean the screen with

    Apologies for the poor description
    Thanks in advance for any replies


    Hmm. You could have scratched the screen but unlikely. It’s more likely to be grease/remains from the mr sheen. Any type of cleaner can give this effect.

    I would suggest to wait for a few hours then clean it with a different cloth.

    Remember when cleaning the actual screen only wipe side to side (left to right) to avoid hairline scratching.

    myaser88;4181883 can sell you for £8 del.

    they do these in poundland, i got 4 sets last month

    I have a Panny panasonic, and use a dry micro fibre cloth on mine. Try using one of these on the actual area and see if that helps. You can also use the blue cloth that should have been in your Pannasonic Pack. I got one with my PZ (not sure if these were given with the PX).

    A damp microfibre cloth using warm water should also be fine and finished on with a dry clean one. There are really good Plasma cleaning products you can use, I am sure that any product that doesn't contain ammonia can be used, but I'll check for you. Good luck, hope it is OK.

    you have damaged the anti-glare layer on the screen.

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    you have damaged the anti-glare layer on the screen.

    That's the one thing I really hoped I hadn't done.

    The best way to clean a plasma......................


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    The best way to clean a … The best way to clean a plasma......................]

    I don't get it! Is that a joke?!


    they do these in poundland, i got 4 sets last month

    these are about £7 in tesco, that's the inferior technika brand

    I just use kitchen roll and my breath to clean mine works a treat :thumbsup:


    That's the one thing I really hoped I hadn't done.

    sorry but it sounds like it,
    did this to my ole 28" sony crt with normal window cleaner. Im sure loads of people do it and don't even realize.

    for the people that don't know, always use a damp cloth
    (no cleaning products)

    I bough monitor cleaner from Tescos came with it own cloth and squeezy bottle and a little brush for my keyboards, cost about £6.00 but I did all the tv's with it and (having used my sheen and the most terrible markes on tv) all came out great
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