How to clean my laptop/factory restore

    I have a compaq laptop which i no longer need, before i get rid of it i want to clear the system but i got no discs with it. Can i do a factory restore any other way? Im no good with computers really only know the basics so any help please could i have it in simple form


    on start up keep pressing f8 i think ?

    What model is it and which operating system? The method for restoring it back to default can vary between manufacturers and even within manufacturers as they change the process over time. Are you binning the laptop or selling it on? The reason I ask is that even after a factory restore, there's a good chance a lot of your data will still be recoverable which may be an issue if you're selling it on.


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    Thought about selling it on, but want it clear first would it better to just clear the hard drive? Its a compaq f500 with windows (not sure which) ive looked at so many sites and tried all the f keys but nothing works. Its just there is a few problems i seem to not be able to clear stuff from the uninstall program also the start menu doesnt come up when i click on it, i have to right click to open it. If stuff is saved does it really matter? ive only really used it for the internet i cant imagine anyone would be interested in my history.

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    would something like this work? WINDOWS BOOT DISC REPAIR RECOVERY DATA CD

    if you cant uninstall from using the uninstall program do this instead.......
    click start ,my computer then click your hard drive if it asks if you want to show contents always say yes,then select program files folder and just delete anything in there that you need to get rid of NOTE: =if you dont no what it is dont delete it but you should be able to get rid of most of your programs like this.

    sorry you cant click start normally can you. just right click then choose explore a window will appear choose your hard drive from the list on the left and do what i said above

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    Thanks NS i will try that, beyond that problem its quite a good laptop so trying to get it sorted rather than it sat there.

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    Ok wont try that, when people say about getting my files back is it really important? ive not had anything on it really it was just used for internet. How do i do a a format on the hard drive? is it expensive?

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    ah i did look at this site but was to scared to use it! so if i use this there will be nothing on the laptop and need to get a windows disc to re install?
    Thanks for you help!


    DO NOT DO THAT, it will make a complete mess and cause so many problems … DO NOT DO THAT, it will make a complete mess and cause so many problems for the new buyer, I'd never sell on a computer without doing a full secure format on the hard drive or they can easily get all your files back, you will need a windows disk to set it up again after, but it's the only secure way.

    you do talk rubbish!


    In B4 everyone else says you are wrong aswell, just deleting the folders … In B4 everyone else says you are wrong aswell, just deleting the folders you can 'see' will leave junk files everywhere, cause compatibility problems and one hell of a messed up registry.

    it wont when you uninstall a program properly all it does is remove that folder from the location i have said and edits the registry granted what i said wont sort the registry out but it wont cause problems either and to sort the registry out you just need to d/l something like tune up utilities which will get rid of anything that isnt working in the registry im asuming the op doesnt have a windows or backup disc and was just trying to show a way of getting it back to somewher near normal without leaving important data behind so it can be sold.
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