How to clone a hard drive?

Could someone just explain in easy terms how to clone a hard drive including restore partitions please?

I want to change a 160Gb drive for a 320Gb drive in a laptop. The 160gb has the 'hidden' manufacturers restore partition. I would like to maintain the restore partition at the same size it is on the original drive but allow the free space of the larger drive to become bigger.


use a programme called ghost

Or Acronis True Image

There is lots of programs to do this , many free . A good program that I used to use was by a company called Paragon . They gave away a couple of years ago 2 programs , disk copy and a backup program . The disk copy one is great , just install it , link a second HDD as a slave and start the program . It makes a perfect clone of your drive onto the slave in next to no time .Ghost as suggested is good and has been out for years .

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Do these programs work by keeping the restore partition the same size and just making the spare space (C:) prportion much bigger on the bigger drive?

...and presumably you can put the new drive in a USB sata enclosure?

They can do like for like, or clone everything to a bigger/smaller drive.

I've used ghost for years (since win 3.1 I think !), never had a problem with it.

used a few, ghost has been best.
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