How to complain my Dixons order

    I ordered a LG TV through Dixons web on 17th May, 32LH3000 32" Full HD LCD TV. but I dont receive any information except an confirmation email on 18th May.

    Here is the deal.…-tv

    Here is my story.

    I placed an order DIX1000149306 on 12th May, and it was cancelled due to 'security' failure without giving a specific reason.

    I then placed another order DIX1000159804 again on 17th May, and this time the order has been confirmed by email and the payment has taken from my bank account on 19th May.

    During the order process, I selected 3 days for 21 May, 22 May, and 23 May, and however I didn't receive any information about my delivery. then I called your delivery service on 21 May, someone told me the order was not validated/processesd, but will be processed on 21 May, and ask me to call again on 22 May for delivery time on this weekend.

    So I call on Sat 22 May, only knowing that my order has not been validated, and the operator told me an investigation is needed, and promised to give me a response before Tue 25 May. Now it is Wed 26 May, and No email, No call still.

    I am not sure how I can make an effective complain? I tried to complain through Dixon web, and I spent 30 minutes to find the place and type my comments on the website, only finding my comments can't be submitted or sent to Dixons!!


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    For help and advice after you have placed your order:

    • Call our Aftersales agents on 0844 561 1111
    • or email [email protected]

    If you are not satisfied with the level of service provided by Dixons, you can:

    * Contact us on our aftersales line on 0844 561 1111
    * Use the Contact Us facility in My Account
    * Write to us: Dixons, PO Box 1686, Sheffield, S2 5YB
    We undertake:

    * To deal with your complaint fairly, confidentially and effectively
    * To respond to you within five working days to provide you with a likely timescale to resolve your issue
    * To keep you up-to-date on progress made
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    Hope this information is helpful !

    Their website says to phone them on 0844 561 1111 or write to them at Dixons, PO Box 1686, Sheffield, S2 5YB.

    I would be going mad if they had taken my money but hadn't delivered anything.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your reply.

    I sent 2 emails to: [email protected] ,with the second email sent yesterday, and got an email saying they will investigate, and that is it, no further response.

    Not sure what I should do ?

    It is a shame that the payment had been taken from by debit card on 18th May, yet nothing has been done.


    time to call the bank and chargeback

    Original Poster

    Thanks. I called my bank today, and the operator said it is not a fraud because I actually authorized the payment, so I should discuss with Dixons to get an agreement before my bank will do anything more. Is that right ?


    time to call the bank and chargeback

    I bought 26inch 1080i TV DVD Combi for my Sons birthday on the 24TH Nov item was delivered on the 15TH of Nov damaged so the i contacted Dixons they said they would send another out so my Son gets it for his birthday she assured me it would be there i was all up for getting my money back that would take up to 3 to 5 working days but was promised it would be there before his birthday we are now on the 23RD i rang up and asked where was it , "they said you will get it maybe on Monday" which is the 28TH of Nov and still wont get my money back in time either if i cancel i hope this happens to them one day Customer Service ha ha what a joke lost yet again another Customer how do they get away with this not a happy Chap

    Do not trust knowhow or dixons. It's over TWO years they did not give refund for the faulty television they delivered in a open & damages box.
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