How To Compose and Submit Hot Deals or Freebie Posts Including Images

Found 10th Sep 2006

This is a " How To " thread, where you can hopefully pick up a few tips to make composing Hot Deals or Freebies a little easier...


1a. If you're posting a deal from the Freebies or Hot Deals forum , use this NEW TOPIC button at the top left of the forum .…jpg


1b . If you're posting a deal from the front page of HotUKDeals , use this SUBMIT A DEAL button at the top right of the front page .…jpg


3. You'll then see a page with this information:…jpg

Choose one of the categories by clicking on:

Product : Use this for specific items for sale at a set price . eg: TFT Monitor at £100 , DVD at £17.99 , Book at £7.50 and so on...

Voucher : Use for any discount codes that give money off, special links that reduce a price or groups of codes for specific goods disounts.

Sale : Use this ONLY for Sales in general. eg: Up to 70% off at Debenhams .

Freebie : Use this ONLY for a totally free item with no sale value or downloads should ONLY be posted in the Free Software thread

Tip : Use this for information or advice that will save people money or help them receive special offers .

In this example we'll use Product as the deal category.


4. The next page will give you this option to choose a merchant or retailer .…jpg
Just as it says, enter the name of the merchant you want to post your deal from and click on Search .


4a. This next page will either have the merchant you're looking for if it's there eg : HotUKDeals.Com to proceed to number 5. below . Or search again... Or you'll need to fill in the fields to add a new merchant .…jpg

Example above shows how to add HUKD Computers as the merchant or retailer.

4b. Should you need to add a new merchant : Firstly input the * Name : eg: HUKD Computers .

Then add the * Website link/URL [ http:// is already there You only need to use the www part: eg: .

You can leave the Link to Image File empty at this point. Then click on Add Merchant .


5. This should be the next thing you see, all the fields for you to compose your post:

Red circled are required .

Blue circled are optional .…jpg

Here is where you add the:

* Title: example: £50 Off HUKD Computer £100 Delivered [ Please be sure to include any delivery costs

Direct Link : example:……htm This can be obtained from your browser's address bar when on the product page.

Link to Image File : example:…………fpc .jpg This can be obtained by right clicking over an image and selecting either: Properties in Internet Explorer or Image Location in Firefox , then highlighting/copying the complete image URL/address/location and pasting it into the field , as above example. .gif or .jpg or .jpeg or .bmp or .png or .tiff or .tif

* Description : including as much information as you can about the product, freebie, sale, voucher or tip and how you get it [ all the main points .

* Availability: Choose from the drop down list either Online , Offline or Both .

* Category: Choose from the drop down list which category your item should be grouped in: eg: Computers and Software

* Product Name: eg: HUKD Computer

* Price: Use just digits here: eg : 100

* Required Fields

Complete your deal post by clicking on the Submit Deal button.…=42 More Advice on Posting Images Here

To view your newly posted deal, follow the links after the submission has completed.

If you have any questions, need any help or advice, please post below and someone will be along as soon as possible.


If you are struggling to find your way around HotUKDeals , Please check out:…592 Newcomers Advice and Tips by Richierea for more forum help.

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Sad, I cant vote on this Ray ...

Very much appreciated
Brilliant post ray, thanks for taking the time to do this, it should help a lot of people!
[COLOR=darkslateblue][SIZE=2][COLOR=green]More Advice On Image Posting And Hosting:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=darkslateblue]
[SIZE=2][COLOR=darkslateblue][COLOR=Blue]If you hover your mouse pointer over the image you want to show, right click over it and you'll see either "[/COLOR][COLOR=darkred]Properties[/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]" in [/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]Internet Explorer or "[/COLOR][COLOR=darkred]Copy Image Location[/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]" in[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]FireFox[/COLOR].[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR=darkslateblue][SIZE=2][COLOR=Blue]If "[/COLOR][COLOR=darkred]Properties[/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]" in[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]Internet Explorer[/COLOR][COLOR=Blue], you'll need to highlight the image Address or URL completely and copy it by right clicking over it once it's all been highlighted.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]FireFox[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]is easier, as you only need to click on "[/COLOR][COLOR=darkred]Copy Image Location[/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]".[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]
[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue][SIZE=2][COLOR=Blue]Paste the copied URL in to the field which states "[/COLOR][COLOR=darkred]Link To Image File[/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]" or for forum replies and posts use this to paste the URL in.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]

[/COLOR] [SIZE=2][COLOR=darkslateblue][COLOR=Blue]If you have an image on your computer you want to use, try[/COLOR] [/COLOR]][color=darkorange]http//ww…OR][COLOR=darkslateblue] or [/COLOR][/SIZE]][size=2][color=darkorange]http//[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=darkslateblue] to [COLOR=Blue]upload and host them on.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=Blue]

[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue][SIZE=2]Browse your desktop for the image you want to upload to one of those sites, then click "Upload". Once that's completed, a URL or web address will automatically be created for you to copy and paste as above.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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