how to conect my laptop to another via a cable?help please

    Hi im trying to sort a friends pc out and feel that i need to reinstall windows from fresh but he has stuff on there that he wants to keep,he has no cd writter etc so was wondering if i can conect it via a cable to my laptop and transfer it from there?im using vista and my friends laptop is using xp,i have a ethernet cable,would this work?thanks


    not sure if u can connect laptop to laptop but if either one of u have a wireless network u could share things that way if u both conenct to it.

    Alternatively could invest in a cheap external harddrive then would never have any back up problems again! and can save anything precious to them like photos etc

    Yes an Ethernet cable will work you would need to either go through a router though or buy a crossover ethernet cable if you want to connect the two directly without a router
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